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RSW Reverse Engineering & Machining provides a wide array of services for Ogden, UT companies. We use state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to bring machining services and laser tracking data for product lines.

Our Services


Our expert design team has the technology and experience to custom-design and machine any part your industry requires.

Reverse Engineering

When your company requires a very specific part that needs to be created, we combine our technology, hardware, and experience to reverse engineer a new component for you.


No matter what size or intricacy the component or part you need is, our expert machining team has years of experience and delivers exactly what you need.

Machine Build

Our team works with the latest technology to machine parts for your specific needs. Send us your requirements, and we’ll build the project for you.

Laser Tracking

By employing expert laser tracking technicians and using FARO 3D technology, we form pinpoint measurements of all size and intricacy of objects.

Field Services

Our field machinists work quickly and diligently in the field to bring you portable machine tools to conduct repairs or build new components for your company’s needs.

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