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Whether your company is dealing with reverse engineering, “top-down” new design, or rapid prototyping projects, RSW Reverse Engineering & Machining is available to assist you in our Ogden, UT facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We make sure to stay current on the latest methods, tools, and software to provide you with the solutions you need while remaining a cost-effective option. With over 130 years of combined experience split among our six-person staff, it’s no wonder that we have been chosen time and time again as the premier choice for making designs come to life. From initial design to manufacturing and measuring components, our FARO 3D design technology helps us achieve pinpoint accuracy in all measurements. Since 2012, we’ve remained Ogden’s one-stop-shop to fabricate and machine components for various industries, and we’re excited to provide our expert-level services for many more years to come.

Improving Products and Creating New Designs

At RSW Reverse Engineering & Machining, we have the resources to effortlessly bring your concept into the physical world. With our world-class technicians and precise technology, we are able to avoid mistakes that could cost you tremendously in production, operation, lost time, and resources. This is particularly important when it comes to the reverse engineering aspect of a project. It’s vital to obtain all of the correct measurements when extracting information to reverse engineer a particular piece of machinery or technology and replicate it effectively. Whether you want to improve an existing design or have a brand-new idea, our services are here to help get you there. Some common reasons clients reach out to us for our 3D scanning reverse engineering capabilities include:

  • The original manufacturer of a product no longer produces the product
  • The original manufacturer no longer exists, but a client needs the product
  • The original supplier is unwilling or unable to provide addiction parts or is demanding inflated costs for parts.
  • There is insufficient documentation of the original design
  • The original design documentation never existed or has been misplaced
  • A product needs to be improved, meaning that the flawed features will need to be newly designed
  • An attempt to strengthen the good features of the product
  • To analyze both the good and bad characteristics of a competitor’s product
  • To create an analysis on how to improve a product’s performance and features
  • The original CAD model is not sufficient enough to support current modification methods or modifications
  • An effort to update obsolete materials or out-of-date manufacturing processes with more contemporary, less-expensive technologies

No matter what specific product your company needs to be created, the trained professionals at RSW Reverse Engineering & Machining are ready to combine our technology, hardware, and experience to efficiently reverse engineer a new component for you. Your project’s success is our main objective!

Expert Technicians with Years of Experience

Our staff has an abundance of experience and will be able to assist you in even the most challenging reverse engineering projects. We use laser trackers, laser scanners, and FARO 3D technology that allows us to perfectly track objects of all shapes and sizes. While our technicians work to gather data, our engineers will be following the functional aspects of the project by utilizing our state-of-art software. In addition to skilled attention to detail, our staff also possesses all of the fabrication and machining capabilities needed to manufacture your components under one roof. There is no need for third-party services that could potentially create constraints within the production process! By choosing RSW Reverse Engineering & Machining and obtaining a three-dimensional model that’s scaled perfectly, you and your team will be able to manufacture the precise part you need efficiently. Whatever concept you want to make a reality, our experts will be able to take care of you from start to finish.

Customer Service You Can Count On

At RSW Reverse Engineering & Machining, we pride ourselves on our keen ability to support our customers. It’s our mission to make sure we are helping businesses in Ogden, UT and beyond with their design needs. We are able to provide the manufacturing, welding, fabricating, and engineering to make your ideas a reality. We work hard to build upon our day-to-day relationships with customers because we know superior communication and reliability is what sets us apart from other reverse engineering and machining companies in the industry. Let us use our extensive history of problem-solving and design to assist you during your next project! If you’re as interested in working with us as we are with you, feel free to stop by our Ogden location to discuss your project ideas. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM, and you can even reach out to us via phone at 801-928-5394. We look forward to hearing from you!

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